Case Studies

An Adult with Anxiety and depression

Donna is a 54 year old female who had been taking medications for anxiety and depression since 1985. At the time of coming in for Neurofeedback, she was on 5 medications: three different anti-depressants, one anti-anxiety medicine, and a pill for sleep. She was off from work on temporary disability because she was having severe panic attacks, and she was very depressed because she couldn't control her panic. She had been in traditional talk therapy on and off for many years, with no lasting positive results on his symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Donna's brain map showed lack of alpha waves in the back of her head with excessive fast activity. She also had excessive theta. This is common among people with anxiety. She also showed reversed activations in his frontal lobe which are common among people diagnosed with depression. Because her anxiety was so overwhelming, we decided to start there.

Donna came in after the third session saying that she had a major panic attack the previous weekend, and seemed to be stuck in it. She was agitated, couldn't sleep, and was keyed up worried about everything and anything. We did a relaxation protocol meant to increase alpha waves with eyes closed. By the end of the session she fell asleep. By the 5th session she said that she was not having any anxiety, but was feeling irritability. We did a combination of the alpha up protocol, but then also doing alpha-theta work, which is designed for those with histories of trauma.

The following session #7), Donna said she had been in a “great mood” since the previous session. She had felt relaxed, and more talkative. She had felt no irritability. We continued with the alpha=theta protocol. She spontaneously decided to discontinue his second antidepressant (she had already stopped the first a few weeks before)

At the 10th visit, Donna said that he had gone back to work for the first time in months to do a little paperwork, and she was happy, joking with co-workers, with no stress or worry.

By the 25th session, Donna was panic free and was off all of her medications except the sleeping pill. She was making time to take care of herself. She continued to practice relaxation techniques at home on a daily basis. She said he couldn't remember a time in her life when he was any happier. She said she had lost 10 pounds since she started on a diet, and she was committed to losing 50 more. She decided that she had reached her goals, and we agreed to discontinue treatment.

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